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Welcome to Hook Security's Trust & Security Center. Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. Use this Trust & Security Center to learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

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2023 SOC2 Continuation Letter

We are working on our security compliance. We can provide completed questionnaires upon request.

Trust & Security Center Updates

Security Essentials Certificate of Completion

ComplianceCopy link

We have receieved the Security Essentials Certificate of Completion as attested to by The Sittadel Group. The security milestone notes Hook Security's commitment to the Zero Trust philosophy through its configuration of Microsoft Azure and other tools.

*We highly recommend our friends at The Sittadel Group for your security consulting and infrastructure configuration needs.

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2023 Updated Subprocessor List

SubprocessorsCopy link

An updated list of Hook Security's subprocessors is now available for review. Please contact Support ( if you have trouble accessing the documentation in the Trust Center.

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Updates Coming to Trust Center

GeneralCopy link

We are excited to launch our Trust Center in order to provide our partners and clients transparency into Hook Security's security posture, processes, and policies. Throughout 2023, we will be updating this center with our policies, attestations, and other necessary information for our stakeholders. Please be patient with us as we stand up our company while growing exponentially.

As the CEO, I hold the responsibility and believe it is critical to my role to ensure a safe and secure experience for the Hook Security Team and each of our clients and partners. If I can improve our position or processes in any way, please let me know directly.

-Zach(ary) Eikenberry, CEO 863.267.9779

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Microsoft Defender Quarantining hooksecurity[dot]co Domain

GeneralCopy link

From 2/1/2023 to 2/14/2023, a Microsoft Defender update targeted hooksecurity[dot]co domain as malicious. We believe the domain is now properly marked as safe and should no longer trigger issues in email delivery.

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If you need help using this Trust Center, please contact us.

If you think you may have discovered a vulnerability, please send us a note.

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